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"HOW DID YOU SEW THAT??? " That is exactly what I asked Holli when she showed me her first Ruach Design.  I was shocked, you see, I knew Holli didn't sew, so how could she have created such a beautiful garment?  It's a Miracle. Hey,  I'm Roxi Arthur I want to introduce you to one of my favorite people, my younger sister, Holli Arthur.  She doesn't know I'm writing this, so don't tell her:) She doesn't just talk about True Worship, she lives it!  She says,"We are an Instrument of Praise." Among many of the things she does, she is the Director of 4ever Praise Dance Company Orlando/Treasure Coast.  She loves to Praise the Lord through dance, but hates the traditional dance wear that is necessary to dance in a church setting.


For those who don't understand what I mean, let me explain...In secular dance, less is more.  Dancers tend to bare all.  In the Christian world, modesty is obviously very important and  since some churches don't even feel dance should be part of the Christian experience, a must! Unfortunately modest garments tend to be uncomfortable, hot and boring. At least that was Holli's experience! A layer of tights, pants, a long skirt with an overlay, a leotard and a top or dress all in thick, heavy materials can really stifle creative flow, not to mention causing spontaneous combustion (I'm joking, sort of:) Holli would come huffing off stage irritated and aggravated. She purposed in her heart that she would do something about it, so instead of complaining, Holli decided to make her own garments.  Now here's the interesting part, Holli does not sew.  She took a family studies sewing class in Grade 6....I'm the one who sews a bit.


One day she came by with a sort of idea of what she wanted and showed it to me.  It looked interesting, but difficult.  The next thing I knew, she had produced a completed garment, fully finished inside and out and beautiful.  She has gone on to create a complete line of anointed dance garments called "Ruach (Spirit) Designs by Holli" now available @ the 4ever Praise Dance Store. Now her line is being worn by Dancers and Ministers across America...and the world!!! She gives the Holy Spirit all the Praise for being her teacher and friend.


That's what I'm talking about!  Holli will be the first to tell you "I'm not a seamstress, I create and sew garments through the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit." Thank you Holli for being a true example of what True Worship is all about!!! 



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